Nature Center and Park Exhibits

Oregon Ridge offers a variety of exhibits explaining the history, wildlife, and natural environment of this site.

Explore exhibits of fauna and flora and archaeology inside the Nature Center, as well as our exhibits of live animals, including snakes, fish, amphibians, honeybees, and other creatures. Click here to see the new mural in our animal room.

Further, there are several outdoor exhibits that explain the past mining and iron furnace operations. Not far from the nature center we also have a restored tenant house and a sugar shack (for maple syrup production), a nature classroom building, several outdoor bird enclosures or mews, a rabbit hutch, several gardens, picnic tables, a new pavilion, and a natural play area.

Lastly, we have two outdoor exhibits near the Red and Tan trails intersection, about a 15 minute hike from the Nature Center. A Gypsy Moth exhibit has been installed at our hilltop gazebo that explains the life cycle and problems caused by this moth. The second exhibit, titled the Mighty Chestnut, consists of a panel along the red trail south of the gazebo, adjacent to a small grove of chestnut trees planted in 2008. This exhibit descibes the efforts to restore the American chestnut tree.

For more information about the Nature Center view the web pages listed below.

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