When asked their views at a late 2022 Oregon Ridge Master Plan public input meeting, it was no surprise that participants overwhelmingly chose a new trail network as their highest priority. People come from all over the region to hike at Oregon Ridge Park, and we can expect an increase in visitors with a new and improved trail network.

If you’ve had a chance to hike the two miles of new trail on the east side of the park, you might notice that this stretch is different from the existing trails. The new trails – an effort by Oregon Ridge volunteers – follow U.S. Forest Service guidelines for trail design and construction, which require that certain specifications be followed to ensure long-term success and sustainability.

trail crew

To meet the goal of creating new trails that are sustainable, safe and scenic, volunteers spent far more time choosing the best route for the new trails than time constructing them.

Oregon Ridge Park features a six-mile network of trails through forest, field and stream habitat.

Please watch this fascinating 5-minute video about trail design best practices to learn why the new trails are different from the old trails and what we can expect from an improved trail network. The video features Jeff Marion, research biologist at the U.S. Geological Survey, recognized as a leading expert in the design of sustainable trail systems. You may never look at a trail the same way again!

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trail map