Oregon Ridge City Nature Challenge 2023

The Results are in for the 2023 City Nature Challenge

Despite a dreary and drizzly weekend, April 28 to May 1, Baltimore placed 59th overall out of 482 participating cities AROUND THE WORLD! Baltimore also placed 5th among cities of similar geographic size. In the Baltimore area, 550 Citizen Scientists participated by making 7,885 total observations and identified over 1,300 different species of which 24 were either rare, threatened or endangered.

The rain held off long enough on that Saturday to allow our 2023 Amazing Nature Race to also take place. The top group from the program was a Girl Scout troop from Saint Joe’s with an amazing 73 observations, enough to place them in 24th place overall for the entire Baltimore City Nature Challenge which is sponsored by the National Aquarium. One of our park naturalists, Michael Eversmier, who oversees Oregon Ridges’ participation in the challenge also helped put our park on the list as a very diverse place to visit. Michael placed 3rd with 193 species identified at Oregon Ridge.

We hope you can join us next year, but until then, here are some pics from the park, how many can you ID? To learn more about Baltimore’s participation in the challenge, here is the link.

Top 15 Observations

Baltimore Area Observations

Oregon Ridge Observations

2023 Observations

How many can you identify?